We’re enhancing our recruitment efforts at Collectively to offer more transparency and agency to collaborators. Advocating for your strengths is a part of our job that we take pride in, but it also requires collaboration.

With the new Creator Portal, you can log-in, update your information, and monitor active campaigns! Not only can you share your updated location, email address, social accounts, and brand collaboration interests, you’ll have the opportunity to self-select your ethnicity.

We believe that real change requires accountability and our commitment to transparency and advocacy rests on our community providing us with this information. Inputting your ethnicity data is by no means a requirement, but it does help us to cast campaigns with built-in accountability.

Creator Portal is secure, and your information is only shared with Collectively and brands interested in partnering with you on campaigns.


1. Visit the Creator Facing Portal

2. Click "Get Started"

3. Set up your new account using the active email address where you receive Collectively campaigns and newsletters. If you’re not sure which email that is, contact the Community Team. This will be your Creator Portal username moving forward.

4. You'll need to set up a password that you will be able to change later if you wish.

5. The system will send you an email to verify your account. Click the link in the email to verify your account and re-enter your password.

Note: You cannot change your username; it will always be the original email address you set up your account with. We’re working on updating this logic so you will be able to change your username in the future. You can, however, update your contact email address in the General Info section, but your username will always be the original email address you log in with.


1. There are three sections: General, Social Account Verification, and Profile Survey

2. Be as thorough as possible to help us pitch you to brands with accurate information.

3. If you're comfortable, provide your ethnicity data to help us share more accurate information around the diversity of our campaigns. You will have to make a choice to finish this section of your profile, but you can always select “Decline to respond.”

4. Social verification is required for most campaigns, so please take a moment to connect your social accounts. Check out our Authentication Guide for assistance.

5. Once your profile is complete, you'll be shown a notification to visit your campaign dashboard. You will only see active campaigns you are participating in here. You will not be able to browse for open opportunities or sign up for campaigns.

6. You can return to this profile to add additional social channels and update your information at any time.


1. Go to the login page for creator portal and click “Forgot your password?

2.Enter the email associated with your account

3. Click reset password and we’ll send you a reset link with instructions to follow

4. Please note, if you are an agent managing the collaborators account, you will need to have them follow the instructions sent to their email associated with the account

Trouble accessing your Creator Portal account? Send us an email.